PJ Ochlan, narrator extraordinaire, returns to the Elite Ops world!

I’m so excited about the release of EASY TARGET (Elite Ops #3) in audiobook. And I’m particularly thrilled that PJ Ochlan, the narrator for the first two books of the series, is back to tell Hollywood and Sassy’s story. A veteran stage, screen, and television actor, PJ is also a dialect specialist/coach ( and audiobook narration instructor as well as one of the co-founders of the Deyan Institute. I interviewed PJ over a year ago when HARD TARGET and PERSONAL TARGET were first released as audiobooks. He had some fascinating information and fun stories about how he started in the business, how he preps for narration, and how long it takes to record a book. Check out that blog post here

With the release of EASY TARGET, I had a couple of burning questions as PJ returned to the Elite Ops world.

Kay: How do you prep for a story when you’ve already narrated other books in the same series? Is the prep easier or more complicated? Since it was over a year between your work on the first two books in the Elite Ops series, did you have to go back and listen to how you did the voices in HARD TARGET and PERSONAL TARGET or did you just read EASY TARGET and go from there?

PJ: General prep is the same in terms of research, new character choices, and so on, though there are some differences with continuing a series. It's a bit easier in that you've already got a sense of the tone, world, author's voice, etc.; and it also raises some challenges like matching already established character voices. For that, I typically pull up audio files of the characters that I keep archived from the previous books. One of the bigger challenges is when a small supporting character from a previous book, which I may have given a broader characterization to, becomes a lead in a new installment. Then that broader style which was designed to be entertaining as a sideline character won't necessarily fly for a role that carries the entire story. So making that subtle adjustment while keeping with what's been established can be tricky — but fun! That was the case in developing Sassy for EASY TARGET. Hopefully fans of PERSONAL TARGET will enjoy her promotion to the spotlight ;)

enjoy the ride

Kay: That's my hope, too, PJ! Where can listeners go to learn more about you and your audio releases? 

PJ: I've narrated across all genres, and most of those audiobooks are available through Audible and Amazon. Just go to either of those sites and pop in my name. Or find me on Facebook and Twitter, and I'll keep you posted on new releases. 

Twitter: @pjochlan

One of the great things about audio is that even if you’ve already read the book, listening brings a whole new dimension to the story and characters. Check out this audio sample of PJ’s work on EASY TARGET. And be sure to enter the rafflecopter giveaway on my website's contest page or at the rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win all three (HARD TARGET, PERSONAL TARGET, and EASY TARGET) Elite Ops audio downloads.

Happy listening (and reading) past your bedtime!

EASY TARGET buy links: 


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Giveaway: Elite Ops Audiobook Collection

Hear that-All the adventure of Easy Target is now in Audiobook!

Have you heard? EASY TARGET has just been released in audio. That means ALL of the Elite Ops men are now available in audiobook. And to celebrate, I’m giving them away—the audiobooks, not the men! 

Come have a listen at this Soundcloud sample. All three books of the Elite Ops series are narrated by acclaimed actor, P.J. Ochlan

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Enter my giveaway at the Rafflecopter widget below or at the contest page on my website where one lucky winner will receive all three audio downloads in the Elite Ops series: HARD TARGET, PERSONAL TARGET, & EASY TARGET. 

The contest runs till 11:59 pm on Monday, May 2nd. Winners will be contacted by email and announced on Facebook and Twitter the morning of March 4th. Note: Contest is open internationally but you must have a or account to claim your prize. Good luck and thanks for entering!






EASY TARGET Audiobook release—Enjoy the ride...

enjoy the ride

Exciting news: EASY TARGET releases today in audiobookIf you haven’t already, make plans now to “meet Hollywood” and listen (or read) past your bedtime to the latest Elite Ops adventure. The audiobook can be downloaded from Amazon/Audible or iTunes. To check it out, have a listen at this Soundcloud sample, narrated by acclaimed actor, P.J. Ochlan. Enjoy the ride...


Listen up!

H&S press play

Release day for the audiobook version of EASY TARGET is Tuesday, April 19th. Now you’ll be able to listen to the adventures of all the Elite Ops men. I’ll be celebrating the rest of the month with a contest, giveaways, plus an interview with narrator, P.J. Ochlan. So stay tuned….

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