New Website. New Publisher. New Series.

I'm very excited to be launching my new website in conjunction with signing a new contract with a new publisher. (Whoo-hoo!) Later this year Avon Impulse will be publishing the first book in my new three book romantic suspense series about an elite group of former special forces and intelligence operatives who work outside the law to save U.S. citizens. The first story is about a former DEA agent who rescues a woman and her gravely-ill teenage son from a drug lord in Mexico. The working title is THE SNATCHBACK. 

I'll be using this space to announce all the late breaking news in my world, so stay tuned (and sign up for the RSS feed if you'd like to keep the very latest coming to your inbox). This week I'm working on the last thirty pages of the manuscript for Book 1. I'm having a great time and really looking forward to getting this new story out.


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