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Better Than Bulletproof by Kay Thomas


Gina Rodgers, a struggling advertising artist, has just landed the account of a lifetime when her sister mysteriously disappears and leaves behind a five-year-old autistic son. Even though she has no idea how to deal with her nephew’s overwhelming needs, Gina drops everything in her Dallas job and travels to Mississippi to care for Adam and look for her sister. There she discovers an unexpected ally in the child’s play therapist, Harlan Jeffries, an ex-military sniper seeking redemption through working with special needs children.   

As they search for her sister, Gina and Harlan are caught up in a conspiracy involving murder, betrayal and a pharmaceutical company cover-up that reaches to the highest levels of government. Everything they believe about themselves and the people they love will be challenged as Gina and Harlan are forced to race across the country to find and protect her missing sister’s explosive research study that proves the vaccine-autism connection.

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Advertising exec Gina Rodgers runs to the home of her estranged sister after a call from her autistic nephew's caretaker, Harlan Jefferies. It seems her sister is missing, people around her have died and, before Gina knows it, she, Harlan and her nephew are on the run from assassins and the cops, with Gina wondering if she can fully trust the man at her side. Thomas shoots Gina and Harlan into a frantic search for a missing woman and right into the path of corrupt officials and greedy executives in this explosive and riveting plot. 

Pat Cooper/Romantic Times BOOKreviews / 4 1/2 stars

Nonstop action, excellent characters and a realistic plot make Better Than Bulletproof…..a fantastic read. Kay Thomas is an amazing story teller. 

Debby Guyette/Cataromance reviews / 5 stars

Gina Rodger's sister, Dr. Sarah Sutton, has made a study of ethyl mercury and its use in vaccines with the growing belief that vaccines are responsible for the increasing incidents of autism. When Sarah goes missing, Gina takes custody of her five year old autistic nephew Adam from Harlan Jeffries, the boy's caregiver, a troubled ex-marine who is concerned for Sarah's safety. It quickly becomes apparent that her sister's disappearance is the result of Sarah's study, and someone is determined to keep that evidence hidden, starting a race that keeps Gina, Harlan, and Adam running for their lives.

From the time Gina answers her cell phone to hear Harlan's words, the action is on.  Fast paced, intense, and suspenseful, Better Than Bulletproof is a page turner, start to finish. I loved that Kay Thomas has used the timely and highly controversial link between vaccines and autism to write a chilling thriller.

From Barabara Vey’s Beyond Her Book Blog for Publisher’s Weekly & WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs 

Terrific romantic suspense by a great new author….a real page turner.

Carla Cassidy, award-winning author


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