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The Bulletproof action continues in BULLETPROOF TEXAS when a brooding ex-park ranger and a sexy research scientist fight for control over a cave that holds the secret to curing cancer.

Nothing and no one could stop him…except maybe a beautiful doctor full of secrets.

Escorting Dr. Maxine (Max) O’Neil into the cave known as Devil’s Hollow was Zach Douglas’s job. Relishing the sparring matches with the type-A scientist was his pleasure. He ran the show in the Texas Hill Country cavern—until sabotage and murder struck the site. Hours spent in the dark, cozied up in tight quarters with Max had shown Zach her passionate side. Now he wanted to see the truthful one. What was in that cave that was worth dying for? Only one thing was for sure: whether Max liked it or not, Zach would do everything in his power to keep them from being Devil’s Hollow’s next casualties.

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Scientist Max O'Neil thinks there may be a cure for cancer in the clear waters of a pond recently discovered in an underground cavern. Her pharmaceutical company sends her out there to investigate. But park ranger Zach Douglas' sister was killed by a corrupt pharmaceutical company's renegade enforcer, so he doesn't buy Max's explanation that she's conducting research for women's cosmetics. Then equipment is sabotaged, a student is murdered and rumors of diamonds have desperate townspeople trying to close down the cavern for their own exploration. Thomas' characters are not easy to like, but the unwinding plot is taut, tricky and worth the read. 

—Pat Cooper/Romantic Times BOOKreviews   4 stars

With non-stop action, nail-biting suspense and fiery passion, Kay Thomas pens Bulletproof Texas, leading us further into the world of pharmaceuticals.

—Debby Guyette/Cataromance reviews  4 1/2 stars

The research and testing of a newly discovered bacteria with the potential for medical miracles is the only thing that would get Dr Max O'Neil out into the Texas Hill Country and into the cavern where it was found. The only thing that would get Zach Douglas to work with anyone connected to a pharmaceutical company is the opportunity to explore the cave he was instrumental in discovering. By the time it becomes evident that someone is out to sabotage Max's work, or even kill her, Zach has already put aside his dislike of her because of her employer, and together they race against natural dangers and sinister intent to secure the bacteria samples before they're destroyed.

Once again Kay Thomas has produced a page-turning, edge-of-the-seat intrigue, postulating a very plausible "what if" scenario. And while I held my breath through some fascinating scenes, she will not convince me for a moment, even with descriptions of awesome beauty and exciting thrills, to consider spelunking.

—From Barabara Vey’s Beyond Her Book Blog for Publisher’s Weekly & WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs 

Zach Douglas has one job: to escort Dr. Maxine O'Neil into a cave known as Devil's Hollow. But he fell in love and is now in charge of her life. Max is sure there is a cure for cancer in the cave; she would give her life to find it. But Zach is wondering if the sexy scientist isn't hiding something more from him. A pharmaceutical company's enforcer murdered Zach's sister, so he doesn't buy it when Max informs him she is only there to conduct cosmetic research. When the truth comes out it not only puts Max at risk, but also Zach.

BULLETPROOF TEXAS will have you on the edge of your seats, biting your nails, and screaming at the characters "don't go in there!" The characters seem very real but over the top at the same time. The plot is stretched tight and tricky, but it's easy for the reader to follow along. I'll tell you now it's one of those stories you have to pay close attention to detail, but chances are you still won't guess the outcome. The passion is entrancing and the sex is explosive. Ms. Thomas is a unique and remarkable storyteller. She takes you into the world of pharmaceuticals, a world you may not know much about or understand, but she has such detail and her descriptions will have you believing you are an expert in the field. The characters are individuals yet they fit together in this story nicely. It's a must read for any suspense fan!

—Tonya Callihan/Fresh Fiction


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